Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are becoming a mature infrastructure in many organizations. Many firms are looking beyond the internal business processes of their company and extending their information systems to include systems in other organizations. Linking these systems together is the objective of the emerging field of Enterprise Integration through technologies such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and cloud. This mini-track seeks to explore issues,both academic and organizational, surrounding the integration of Enterprise Systems and linking ERP systems to other systems via SOA and cloud. Topics of special interest include the following:

  • Implementation issues and concerns
  • Support (on-going and initial start-up) issues
  • Training and retention of qualified staff
  • Upgrade and versioning issues
  • Extending the ERP system beyond the organizational boundaries
  • SOA and cloud implementation benefits, barriers and costs, methodologies, standards and issues
  • Tailoring ERP to meet diverse corporate needs
  • Benefit and cost management of integrated enterprise systems
  • Worlds best practices for integrated business
  • Measuring ERP, SOA and Cloud Computing performance and evaluating costs and benefits
  • Impact of Academic Alliances in ERP/SOA/Cloud Computing technologies on students and businesses that hire these students
  • ERP in the Cloud
  • ERP and the Internet of Services
  • Case Studies


Track Chairs: Dr. Piotr Soja, Dr. Carsten Brockmann